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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Cigar and Scotch, Martinis.


Designer bourbon, high-end spirits all go well with cigars particularly in Los Angeles and CF Dominicana cigars has been incorporated into these events regularly. After being featured on Platinum Weddings on the Women's Entertainment network, top wedding planners from La Jolla, San Diego, Beverly Hills, Anaheim, Santa Monica up to San Francisco and San Jose have been working together with the events Department of this innovative cigar brand to bring great entertainment that's professionally planned. With an overwhelming following in place, the company has now introduced complete cigar parties including bar staff, waitstaff, martinis, poker and with Cigar Servers, the entire evening suddenly becomes unique.


Martinis, Scotch and Bourbon go hand-in-hand with cigars and are often included in the cigar offense that CF provides. Now clients can actually with one phone call, have their party completely handled. completely handled.