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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Cigar preparation and cutting


Cigar cutting various by the cutter used to get the desired hole. V cut is one of the most popular among true aficionados while others may prefer a simple straight cut. A punch is preferred by some end can be defined as a bullet hole in the tip. This is arguably not the best cut for cigar as the tars and oils tend to gather around the hole instead of allowing the smoke to pass through and defeats the purpose of the gauge of the cigar.


Why purchase of 50 gauge cigar when the smoke that's passing through is equivalent to a 35? Punches tend to defeat the purpose of the rain gauge and also lead to an unconsciously hotter time in drawing. The torpedo size cigar would be a perfect match for someone that is punching the tip of their cigar. A straight cut with the torpedo cigar allows the smoker to select the opening to the size that they would like. A very small opening to the full diameter of their cigar is achievable.


Pyramid cigars are similar to a torpedo in that the foot of the cigar is thinner in ring gauge. than the tip.