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Cigar Roller Atlanta, Wedding, Golf, Atlanta cigar rollers for events

All of the upscale Cigar Roller Atlanta performances use imported Dominican Cigars like our most popular, "Soho" Cigars, which are created while your guests look on. (Pre-rolled cigars would be necessary so your guests can smoke at your event). *You can also purchase a "4-pack" to sample and we will credit your purchase when you book your event.

Atlanta, Savannah and northern Florida - like Jacksonville, FL- have been home for many of our most successful and largest cigar events that we have ever performed. The PGA has been most popular with our events. Cigar Rollers are available for Atlanta, Candler-McAfee, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Forest Park, Sandy Springs, Tucker, and all companies along Peachtree.

Cigar rollers are always a smash but you will send your event over-the-top when cigar servers are walking around giving guests their cigars..

Custom Cigar Bands are free of charge and will add the perfect touch to the event in fact, the cigars often times becomes favors. Cigar Servers and cigars with custom cigar bands are great options and the newest addition to the Cigar Catering® service.


Cigar Roller Atlanta

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Cigar Rollers for Atlanta events have been huge for Wedding, Golf and corporate events throughout Peachtree and Buckhead. Weddings have been requesting cigar rollers for some time now but the corporate elite in Atlanta have gravitated to our streamlined presentation and premium "Grade 1" cigars.