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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Cigar Roller Events and the Cigar Industry


Cigars should be introduced into an upscale event with great care and when they are it is always a memorable feature of the event. Cigar rollers and the demonstration together with proper presentation of should be thought up with care and not just another unimportant addition to the entertainment.


Remember they will be guests that will be trying to cigar for the first time and their experience should be positive and entertaining, they will have questions and it's nice to have a social interactive presentation that includes not only the cigar roller but a host to educate people on the cigar as they are smoking and just to add to the fun of the event. Finding the right combination of cigar rollers and premium cigars is quite difficult, and rarely will this be found within a local cigar shop. The biggest most common reason is the expense and tax associated with raw tobacco. This often means inferior cigars, with inferior tobacco.


Typically cigars are smoked after dinner and this is really the best time to introduce cigars at an event.