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Question: What kind of cigars should I get for a wedding?

ANSWER: the best cigars for weddings should be short and mild so robusto and Connecticut shade wrapper leaf is the best combination as they will be mild to medium-bodied and will burn for about 35 minutes.


Question: When should I bring in a cigar roller feature for a wedding?

ANSWER: the best time would be after dinner which is typically when the cigar culture lights up period so for weddings specifically, usually after the last piece of entertainment that you have because people will step outside once the cigar is lit.


Question: Why are just rolled cigars not to be smoked?

ANSWER: because the rapper leaf which is typically Connecticut Shade Broadleaf is wet when rolled on a cigar in any cigar makers process whether it's a factory in the Dominican republic or an event in the United States cigars after being made, are put to the side to dry or cure for about 4 to 6 hours or even the next day period.












Cigar roller for a Wedding? Questions and Answers you need to know

Question: How much does it cost for a cigar roller at a wedding?

ANSWER: The cost for a cigar roller feature is implied by the guest count which translates into time, quantity of cigars needed and other options like custom cigar bands. Each event should be quoted individually as every reception has its own amount of guests and other circumstances (beach, boat, travel, time, etc). Cigar roller features last season were between $900 and $2200. Only two national cigar brands offer cigar rollers for events, Davidoff and CF Dominicana, Davidoff provides cigar rollers on occasion for their participating retailers (B to B) while see "CF" provides cigar roller events direct for consumers (B to C) on a daily basis for public relations.


Question: What should I look for when shopping for a cigar roller for a wedding?

ANSWER: The trick is to;


• Make sure the company is branded so they are accountable, this avoids a "no show" scenario and other negative possibilities on the day of the event


• Look for a cigar brand rather than a store where this feature is not a primary business. Brands in general take events far more seriously as their name is attached, stores that don't offer cigar features as a primary business are trying to do this as a "side job".


• Pay attention to the cigars, this is often overlooked. The size, tobacco and brand seperates cheap cigars from the premiums. Don't just ask "how many cigars do I get?" because you will be creating a terrible situation if dealing with a "gig worker" that will promise 100 or more cigars but all are skinny, 40 ring guage with short filler tobacco - you won't have an opportunity to reverse this mistake on the night of your reception.


• You need an entertainer that a) looks good, b) speaks English, c) is a person you would feel comfortable to have around your friends, family and co-workers and yes, d) is backed by a company or brand and yes, d) this person has to know how to roll cigars.


Question: How much should I tip a cigar roller at my wedding?

ANSWER: A flat tip of $50 to $100 or more for larger guest lists is typical and sufficient, remember that your cigar roller has a unique and sought after talent while being an art form not to be confused with a typical vendor or food and beverage staff.


Question: Why are wedding planners not recommended to plan for cigar roller and cigar related features?

ANSWER: They can and often do plan however, there is a minority that are cigar knowledgeable. The vast majority do not know anything about cigars thus, decision making can be flawed and affect negatively on your Big Day. It is recommended to have someone in the family who knows about cigars to help you. Even worse, some event planners that have worked with cigar rollers before may think they know what they are doing but often never address;

• the quality of the tobacco or

• size of the cigars which translates into burn time

• make budget inflating decisions like having a variety of cigars which is wasteful to the Bride,

• do not address the interaction of the roller with guests

• does not ask if the roller speaks English.

• shop by price without addressing any of the above.


Again, many not all, wedding planners know less than you about cigars however, they are placed in the decision making role and continue to make the same mistakes that are absorbed by their unknowing client. Some planners are even arrogant citing that they "..have been booking cigar rollers for years" and they may have in spite of the amateurish, bad decisions because a cigar knowledgeable person has never "called them out".


As a solution for a cigar roller feature at your Wedding reception, have a family member, friend take on the decision making and information gathering instead of your wedding planner, many planners would prefer this anyway. A reputable premium cigar brand that offers this feature will have consultants to help integrate cigar features into the reception in a way that will be successful on the Big Day.


Get a Cigar Roller quote for your Wedding

Get a Cigar Roller quote for your Wedding

Get a Cigar Roller quote for your Wedding