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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Cigar Rollers and the Art


Cigar rolling is not learned overnight instead master cigar rollers who are experienced for many years usually 10 at least are the ones selected to train the new rollers at any factory. The Masters are given the responsibility to make sure the construction and quality of the cigars remained consistent for the manufacturer.


This consistency and premium select tobacco products keeps the demand to the consumer high thus resulting in an ongoing relationship that has been in existence for hundreds of years between quality premium cigars and those who smoke them. The maduro, Cameroon, Dominican natural and claro are the most common wrapper leaf found on handmade cigars. These have been the same selection of tobacco leaves since the early days. Only machine made cigars will incorporate low end tobacco leaf and short filler which is chopped up pieces of tobacco inside the cigars. Machine made cigars and short filler are often rejected by true cigar purists as they are inferior.


The “blend” is literally the recipe of various tobacco leaves to form the desired taste.