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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Cigars and The Los Angeles Entertainment Scene


Burbank California is the leader in the entertainment industry with residents such as Warner Brothers Studios. CF Dominicana cigars has provided cigars and cigar rollers along with cigar servers on the WB lot for over three years while hosting events for A list celebrities. These events are great fun and always exciting. All of these events are professionally coordinated with cigar rollers that are personal friends of the president of the cigar company. Awards dinners, radio personalities, TV celebrities from Fox’s 24 to AMC’s Madmen.

This same care goes into the planning of consumer events throughout Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego with cigar rollers and staff being supplied for weddings, golf outings, anniversaries are nice get-together in the backyard. CF Dominicana enjoys a very affluent clientele and there will events Department reflects this with well coordinated planning and accountability to the brand. The cigars are brought together with your guests to bring a visual experience that's uniquely yours and a memory that will impress your guests.