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Cigar Roller events are booked throughout Houston. A REAL cigar company, not an entertainment broker, CF Dominicana’s Cigar Catering® has provided events for consumers and MPI & ISES event planners for over 12 years throughout Houston.

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Surprisingly, the first event for our Houston Cigar Rollers was a celebrity event with magic Johnson and Baron Davis charity 8-Ball Challenge with NBA stars all over Jillian’s with other celebrities like Regina King, Ice T, the Globetrotters, Queen Latifah too many others to name.

Cigars from CF Dominicana are now available in select tobacco stores around the country. Custom Cigar Bands are also designed free to all customers which is revolutionizing the relationships with tobacconists everywhere. The cigars have been very successful as gifts – one box of CF Dominicana Cigars will give someone 25 reasons to thank you.

Cigar Servers can also be integrated with your event to add a classic visual while contributing to the upscale them with Cigar Catering®. Event planners from CF Dominicana are provided to give you the best resource to combine our cigars and staff with your special day and create one unique memory your guests will be speaking about many times over.

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