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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Second only to New York, the Los Angeles market has fueled cigar sales for the premium brand for over five years. Locations such as Les Deux in Hollywood, Club XIV and Red Carpet events from Anaheim to Los Angeles including the Stanley Cup where the front office of the Anaheim Ducks enjoyed cigars directly after their first championship win.

With event planning and great attention to detail, the brand continues to thrive and has now reinvested in Los Angeles. Cigar rollers, cigar servers, custom cigar bands and now full events complete with poker, scotch, and cigars are being rolled out in the Los Angeles and Southern California area.

This new approach has gained a huge audience with the Los Angeles area. Cigars are so popular in LA that they are used quite often in the events. There is such a big cigar smoking population in this part of the state that the company has decided to move forward with plans on opening a full cigar lounge in Hollywood.

Los Angeles Cigar Roller, Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Servers, and your personal Cigar Planner all brought together for VIP Events