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Get a quote for your event


Cigar Sizes and Flavors


Cigars come in all blends of tobacco. Nicaraguan, Honduran and the premium Dominican tobacco are the most often requested by aficionados. Flavored cigars are another part of the culture often scrutinized by the purists. Flavored or gourmet cigars are usually put in the category of a novelty and are not taken seriously by truth cigar smokers. One of the reasons is the often inferior tobacco that is used, typically short filler and machine made. This combination is rarely if ever seen in an upscale tobacconists store.


There are few premium cigars that will be flavored however the process is often cumbersome in the manufacture of these flavored cigars. Extra curing time is necessary as the natural extracts need to dry or cure properly which slows the creation process for any cigar roller. Premium flavored cigars are rarely made with Connecticut filler as the light-colored, Golden leaf would be stained by the extracts.