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Nashville cigar roller, Cigar Rollers for Wedding, Golf Cigar Events

Nashville cigar roller events have been popular with corporate clientele in the upscale venues. The Opry House has always been the go-to location for many of these upscale events yet CF dominicana until recently, has never had a resident Nashville cigar roller - until now.


Times have changed and the company continues to expand and now we proudly introduce our newest Nashville cigar roller to the area who will handle Memphis and Nashville weddings, golf outings and corporate events with emphasis on large corporate events and personal events with a large guest count.


This will help greatly for the exposure of the brand which is always our primary objective yet will always give our clients a fantastic visual for their guests to enjoy.


A cigar roller demonstration is an experience when seen up close by guests and Nashville is still relatively unexposed to this unique Old World Craft.


The same cigars that are sold in stores are rolled throughout Nashville with the most requested being our "Soho" cigar which is a robusto model with Connecticut shade and Dominican filler in a 50 ring gauge.


When you have the firm date for your Nashville or Memphis event, simply contact us using the form below so we can get a quote to you within 30 minutes.


If you have a fast, general question now just call and we'll be happy to hear from you..


Cigar Roller Nashville, Wedding, Golf, Nashville cigar rollers for events

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