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Cigar Rollers that are authentic, including Cuban Cigar Roller, Rosario. Boston through Providence and expertly planned. All gars are made in the Dominican republic (not in Boston) and imported to your event with the same tobacco used to roll for your guests for superb, premium quality you expect from true, brand level cigars


Cigar Roller Boston, Wedding, Golf, Boston cigar rollers for events

Boston Cigar Roller events are big because it is a cigar town and home to some of the most loyal sports fans ever. Cigars were lit up when the Red Sox won the World Series and the cigar bars and steak houses continue to be cigar friendly even in a town with strict smoking laws..


The cigar rollers create the same CF Dominicana product sold in stores, the cigars are pure premium brand tobacco and not available on a local level.

Corporate events or events with large guest counts will most often need more cigars. Custom Cigar Bands are designed professionally and we produce them in-house with our graphics department.


The Connecticut Shade wrapper is "Grade 1" level with the filler is ALWAYS at 100% Dominican - the same cigars we sell in stores are the same cigars our cigar rollers roll at the events.


The Copley Square Marriott was the first area in Boston where CF Dominicana performed a cigar roller event and the unique entertainment feature has grown ever since.



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