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Cigar Rollers are now popular with Raleigh, NC and include Weddings and corporate events. Cigar Roller demonstrations or Cigar Catering® is truly an upscale contribution for special events.


 Your Cigar Caterer will also help to plan for your event in any city. No travel costs apply which makes the experience far more attainable than ever before. Expert event planners will ensure that your cigar roller demonstration gets the maximum impact for your guests. We currently have cigar rollers available in 17 cities.


Cigars and the cigar culture is received enthusiastically here in the South and the connoisseur's are abundant. As a tobacco state, North Carolina along with South Carolina and most recent addition to the cities and CF Dominicana cigars services when cigar rollers or events.

Cigar servers have recently launched in Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington and Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Premium cigars are appreciated any states in been home to many of the nation's corporate headquarters, CF Dominicana has been introduced to many of its current clientele.


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Cigar Rollers for events have been made popular by our first Charlotte client, NASCAR.

Charlotte Cigar Roller features are just one feature that yyour CF Dominicana event planners can give to you. Cigar Servers, Custom Cigar Bands and premium, Connectuct Shade / Dominican cigars are all coordinated to bring you the most unique flair to an event that your guests have ever seen.


Contact us for any event you may have has consulting is necessary to make good decisions regarding your event. We look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy.

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