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CF Dominicana Cigars are all hand rolled using high quality Dominican Ligero Long Filler in Beautiful Connecticut Shade or Maduro wrapper. "Ligero" are leaves found in the middle of the plant which produce a greater, full flavored taste and is the dominant leaf used in the blend of CF Dominicana Cigars. All of the selected tobacco for CF Dominicana is selected and imported from the Dominican Republic.

Grand Rapids has been the newest city that the company has been introduced to however, the reception is tremendous. Right off of Lake Michigan some of the scenic beauty of the area is home to some of the most upscale real estate in Michigan.

CIGAR ROLLER DETROIT, Cigar Rollers are big for Weddings in Detroit along with neighboring areas like Bloomfield and Grand Rapids had been home for the most recent cigar roller events from CF Dominicana.

Cigar Roller Detroit, Wedding, Golf, Detroit cigar rollers for events

Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event

Locations on the Great Lakes makes for some of the most visually impressive locations in particular for Weddings.

Detroit is also a well-known “sports town “ and sports lovers are sometimes cigar lovers. The women in the Detroit and Grand Rapids areas have made up the customer base for CF Dominicana and cigar rollers for events. Typically, it's the women who contact us for the cigars and end up enjoying them.

West Bloomfield is also a big area for the company and we have many customers back from 2003 who continue to be in contact with us.


Detroit, Dearborn, Troy, Sterling Heights, Flint, Rochester Hills, Windsor, Grand Rapids, all of Michigan and Canada are serviceable areas for cigar rollers at weddings and golf events.


Contact us by phone or send the form regarding your event so we can check for availability and consult with you for the best ways to provide our unique entertainment for your event.