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All of our cigar models are named after areas of NYC from the "SoHo" to the "Chelsea" and each have their own unique style.


New York Cigar Roller events from CF Dominicana Cigars has innovated the cigar culture and is constantly breaking new ground to bring a new approach to your cigar lifestyle. We execute this flawlessly with cigar rollers and Cigar Catering® events coordinated with in house event planners for your most special and important occasions.

Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Catering, Cigar Rollers, Cigar Servers, Special Custom Sizes and our Gourmet Flavored Cigars makes CF Dominicana the most unique, upscale cigar brand available. Custom cigar bands are taken seriously and we hear from our customers on every milestone event that happens in their lives, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and countless other personal events.

Cigar rollers are now expected at upscale events and we will help plan for the cigars and the cigar rolling demonstration, even iof you don;t know anything about cigars. The presentation will be performed with great attention to detail.


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New York Cigar Roller events have been around for quite a while and when CF Dominicana perfected the way these events are planned and executed, it was a runaway success.

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