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Cigar Rollers for events in Phoenix and in particular, Chandler, Mesa and Scottsdale are the most frequent towns for CF Dominicana

Cigar Rollers and our cigars have been strong since 2003 and continue to introduce more guests to this CF brand with each affair. Of course to do this summer heat, the busier time for it events is Fall, Winter and Spring.

CF Dominicana's cigar servers will hand out cigars in a way that's reminiscent of the lounges from the 1930's. Your "CF" Cigar Server will "float" the room with our unique cigar trays and hand out cigars personally to your guests - complete with your own custom designed cigar bands - now that's cool. The visual of having a Cigar Server along with a Cigar Roller that's rolling the cigars at the event lets your guests know they are at a truly special occasion.

Cigar Rollers are popular here as our clients are typically from the Scottsdale area and the upscale restaurants continue to enjoy relationships with us. Scottsdale and Phoenix are the two bigger cities for cigars and events overall. Visit our other pages for more info on how to get the best advice for your next special event.

Cigar Roller Phoenix events are also performed in Scottsdale, Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Rio Verde, Scottsdale, Tempe .

Cigar Roller Phoenix, Cigar Roller Scottsdale, Arizona Golf, Wedding and Corporate Cigar Feature Events

Cigar Roller Phoenix, Wedding, Golf, Phoenix cigar rollers for events

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