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Cigar Rollers from CF Dominicana provides throughout South Florida, as north as Boca Raton, Cigar Roller Miami events in South Beach just as we have when we launched over 15 years ago. South Beach is known for the upscale hotels and nightclubs on Collins Avenue which fueled the CF brand right in the path of the South Beach clientele. This upscale demographic of cigar lovers makes up the pulse of this famous hotspot.


Celebrity cigar roller events for VIP parties, Celebrities and our trademarked Cigar Catering® has made friends with not only cigar aficionados but major event planners, weddings and Brides, and virtually every entertainment and sports industry insiders. CF Dominicana Cigars dedication to Old World tradition combined with Modern Day innovation has made this premium brand famous with cigar lovers in every city and is continuing to generate quality media and press attention throughout the US.

Cigar Roller South Beach, Wedding, Golf, South Beach cigar rollers for events

Cigar Roller South Beach Miami, Golf, Corporate Cigar Events

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