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Cigar Roller Washington DC, Wedding, Golf, D.C. cigar rollers for events


Cigar rollers for events in McLean, VA, Tysons Corner, Maryland, DC, Annapolis, Fairmont Hotel in DC, Annapolis, Baltimore, MD, and high end venues like the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons have put DC as our 3rd largest city for cigar rolling events.

Cigar Roller DC performances are big for weddings and we also design custom cigar bands on each cigar presented at the reception. Graphics that are produced and designed in-house and remind your guests that you gave them a night of fun. Golf is also a huge hit and cigars are demanded with 90% of the events we provide, either a cigar roller or custom cigar bands are integrated into Golf outings throughout Virginia, Maryland.




Cigar Roller D.C.

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The initial media attention put Cigar Catering® in a feature article in the Washington Times as well, making cigar roller events popular with cigar lovers and event planners. Brides continue to be the core client base of the cigar roller demand because the company designs custom cigar labels for each wedding at no additional charge.


For the best ways to integrate the cigar roller an the cigars into your event, simply get the contact form filled in and submit. We will check for availability and then contact you in 30 minutes during the week for the best recommendations to make your event successful. We know most of our clients don't know about cigars or how to plan properly this however, we will get you out of the dark quickly and get you "up to speed" so you will be the star when the party is long over. Now in 29 cities, we have a cigar roller near you so contact us below for a quote with cost and pricing for your next big event.



Cigars and black tie events are also popular and common for our events department and relationships have been forged with various high profile politicians. Washington, DC has been a major market for us and a major part of our client following has been created from the DC events. Cigar Event locations in the past have been at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, The Mansion at O Street, The Donovan House, Gaylord National Resort & Conv. Center, Meridian House, K Street Lounge, Meridian International Center.


Get a quote for your event

Get a quote for your event