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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


The popularity of cigar roller events from CF Dominicana cigars are now pushing to another level in Cigar Catering®. Complete bar staff with carefully selected premium single malt scotch along with high-end vodka and other spirits are being included into the events that CF Dominicana and its cigar rollers are performing nationwide.


With close relationships with many distributors and decision-makers in all areas of the country CF Dominicana has decided to move forward in cross promotion with these distributors making for excellent parties that push name recognition for both nightclubs and their guests. The VIP treatment is very high here, with expert event planning that regularly coordinates red carpet events with the CF Dominicana brand, the attraction here is that with just one phone call, cigars and virtually the entire party is handled.


These features will bring a big hit to your guests.


Cigars, Poker, Scotch, Whiskey and fun