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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Introducing Scotch, Bar Staff, Cigar Servers With Cigar Roller Events


Spirits distributors throughout the country have worked together with CF Dominicana cigars to produce events that have always been successful for promotion and particularly well-received with top celebrity hotspots in Los Angeles. Cigar rollers combined with the finest in Scotch from Dewar's, Vodka from Ultimat and other famous brands such as Bacardi have been presented at so many events with great success that CF Dominicana has now launched and complement to their cigars and premium events.


Complete bar staff along with the cigar servers and waitstaff are now available for client events to make the cigars and cigar rollers even more popular with this strong Los Angeles following. Only cigar knowledgeable event planners can produce this type of event properly and CF event planners coordinate it all. The cigars are fewer premium Dominican long filler with top-end and expenses Connecticut shade broadleaf not found on any local level.