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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Planning for Weddings And Cigars


Wedding planners are often incorporated into the scheme of planning for a very big weddings. Today, wedding planners are also involved in the smaller more intimate weddings. The coordination and experience of the wedding planner helps greatly with the success of the wedding reception.


Brides have a very big tour in front of them in planning the most emotional and biggest event in their lives. Weddings are important so, the cigars should also match this agenda. Cigar rollers are often called upon to be part of the entertainment for the guests. Knowledgeable event planners however, know the pitfalls of not planning the cigar roller properly. All too often, those who claim they will cigars out events are often very poor with people, lack of social skills make very diminished presentation and becomes an overall negative in the reception.


Cigar rollers are friendly, social, knowledgeable and will always be a part of a positive memory to the entire reception.