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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


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Here are some ways you can get a cigar roller to make your event memorable. CF Dominicana will provide a cigar roller and custom cigar bands available in most metropolitan areas.



Somewhere between factory worker and artisan lies the cigar roller. I probably speak for many of you when I say that, I at time will stop and look at the fine cigar that I'm smoking pondering n awe the people that must be involved in the process of getting that cigar t me. Recently in the cigar world a new phenomenon has occurred. From cigar store promotions to weddings and family parties, the cigar roller can now come to me. A Cigar roller's role at a party can vary dramatically ranging from promotions to customer attractions. For instance, Dennis Briganti, President of CF Dominicana Cigars began providing cigar rollers at events as a means to promote his own cigars.