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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


CF Dominicana Cigars has launched its trademarked "Cigar Catering" service, providing on-site cigar rolling for special events nationwide.



Cigar rollers at special events have been increasing in popularity - New York Met Mike Piazza had a torcedor at this wedding - and CF Dominicana has become the first come to make it a specialty. With a roster of talented rollers in every major American City and services that include graphic design for the event and custom cigar bands, the company brings a personal approach to a growing trend in event planning.



"There has always been a demand for cigar rollers at events'" declares Dennis Briganti, president of, Inc. which owns the brand, CF Dominicana Cigars, "... but no one in the industry thought creatively enough to meet that demand."

Smoke Magazine article with Mike Piazza and a cigar roller at his wedding