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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


American Venture Magazine


CF Dominicana Cigars' most attractive addition: 'Cigar Servers'

"Cigar Catering" service for special events



The premium cigar brand is enjoying the success of their "Cigar Catering" service, which features cigar rollers who will personally hand-roll CF Dominicana cigars for customer special events while guests look on. The popularity of Cigar Catering has been so overwhelming that the company now has cigar rollers in 15 cities.



Now just in time for the holidays, the company is introducing their CF Cigar Servers. These cigar-knowledgeable ladies float the room of an event and serve cigars to the guests, reminiscent of the speakeasies during Prohibition.

Venture Business Magazine reviews unique cigar roller business model complete with interview from CF Dominicana president