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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


The Washington Times - Smokin' new Party Favor - Cigar Rollers and Cigar Catering



How about hand rolled cigars for your next party? CF Dominicana is now offering their cigar catering service for special events, providing "top notch cigar rollers" to roll fresh cigars at your next swanky occasion.



"The cigars are premium, our clients are sophisticated, the events are upscale and the cigar servers fit the scheme perfectly", says CF Dominicana President Dennis Briganti.



The company web site, also offers custom cigar bands with the client's initials free of charge. And what's a smoke filled room without cigar waitresses? CF Dominicana can provide cigar waitresses and waiters or servers to serve the cigars to guests at events.


Washington DC newspaper article about cigar rollers for D.C. events