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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


After over a year of planning for most brides now come to the moment of truth. Everything from the champagne to the flowers, to their limousines to the music, have all been carefully chosen and planned for and now the reception is here. Now is the time where the wedding reception unfolds and the labor in choosing only the best to make the party special comes to life.


The cigar rollers, the band, the champagne in the food will all be unfolding for the guests. When choosing the right champagne it's best to think of the guest list as a whole even though many people will have individual preferences. The same goes with food, it's nice to have a selection but careful planning for a wedding reception means planning for an overall group enough for individual preferences. The same applies with cigars as cigars need to be chosen for the guest list as a whole. Maduro cigars may not be the best move for a wedding reception is the cigars are often Bold and full-bodied. The better scenario would be for the lighter more milder cigars found with Dominican filler and Connecticut shade.

Weddings, Champagne, Music And Cigar Rollers