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Get a quote for your event


Get a quote for your event


Why Cigar Catering


Cigar Catering is the service mark for the unique events feature of cigar roller entertainment for upscale events like wedding, golf and corporate events.


Cigar Catering® is a service mark owned and created by CF Dominicana cigars. CF Dominicana invented Cigar Catering® for the marketing of their premium cigar brand. There is no other cigar Company to offer a complete product with event coordination - only CF Dominicana cigars. The popularity of the brand along with its very creative marketing twist of providing cigar rollers for events has generated a loyal following of cigar smokers for CF Dominicana.


Cigar Catering® is exclusive to CF Dominicana cigars. has been featured in over 31 national magazines covering topics from lifestyles to weddings to golf and has always been sought after by the most upscale affairs for both consumers and celebrities alike. The cigar rollers for CF Dominicana cigars are friends of the president of the company and not hired.